• Constant communication with our associates in all areas in which they have an interest in developing concession activities and public-private partnership.
  • Promotion of meetings with the Administration and meetings with other business associations and different representatives when subjects of interest to the sector are raised by the Association.
  • Development of sector work groups to improve conditions in all fields, promoting the participation of the Administration, allowing for collective actions to be executed for the benefit of the industry in general and associates in particular.
  • The Chamber will drive, via its General Meetings, the exchange of experiences and knowledge, sharing practical cases undertaken by the representatives of associated companies.
  • Informational tasks in addition to permanent assistance with concerns (technical, regulatory, market status, etc.) as well as the development of studies, statistics and reports of interest to associates with external sponsorship or funding.
  • At the request of each partner, meetings, seminars and other events will be organised and held with other members and organisations.
  • The creation of professional training and studies specialising in the field of concessions and public-private partnership, alongside prestigious university institutions or educational bodies.
  • The organisation holds training days or workshops on current industry issues or those specific to a certain activity. Workshops and sessions on matters of interest may be attended for free and with no limit on attendance for the private company being represented.
  • Legal and regulatory advice in matters of PPP.
  • Constant presence on our website and blog, meaning we may publish and disclose publications and/or written work of interest in the name of the Chamber.
  • Sending of a collection of the most relevant news that may be of interest to the concessional, economic and public service industries.
  • Monitoring of public tenders of interest to associates, confirming that they comply with the law and, if applicable, calling on the Administration to make the corresponding changes.
Cámara de Concesionarios de Infraestructuras, Equipamientos y Servicios Públicos
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