Our Institution

We are a state association that was created with a desire to fill the institutional void by gathering public infrastructure, equipment and service companies, the activities of which focus on creating and/or providing remunerated public services in collaboration with the public sector.

Some companies are already accustomed to working within these parameters and they have sufficient knowledge to address the requests that arise. In this regard, we believe it to be paramount that a structured experience-sharing forum exists, in addition to a “communal home” that will allow us to act as qualified spokespersons before institutional representatives, both when proposing new projects and initiatives and when defending the interests of our collective.

The Chamber of Concessionaires and Businesses linked to the Public Sector in the scope of Public Infrastructure, Equipment and Services represents the concessional field in addition to the area of regulated companies, from the perspective of private institutions that drive, create and provide public services in collaboration with the civil service and other bodies that comprise the public sector, in a bid to achieve maximum availability of these services for citizens, providing both business initiative and the economic resources necessary.

This involves companies linked to all areas of activity, such as mobility, socio-sanitary services, sports, cultural and educational equipment, and other municipal services, regardless of their size. Other sub-sector business associations, or those of lesser national scope, may form a part of the Chamber.
In short, the aim is to position the companies that comprise the Association as the nucleus for collaboration with the civil service, allowing for improvement synergies when attending to the users of public services.

Cámara de Concesionarios de Infraestructuras, Equipamientos y Servicios Públicos
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