Internal System and Structure

The CCIES’ committees and work groups are specialised teams formed by members of the Board of Directors or professionals from the companies associated with our Chamber. All work groups are led by a coordinator specialising in the issue addressed by the committee. They provide practical value for our associates as they host periodic meetings, providing knowledge for the areas in which companies develop their concessional activity in addition to their main concerns and problems in a bid to establish joint stances, always based on consensus, in order to defend this position before the public administrations or any corresponding body, authority or entity. This shared task is also aimed at economic, political and business agents in particular, in addition to society in general, given its aim of contributing to and favouring the formulations of public-private partnership (PPP) for the good of citizens, public services and their sustainability.


The CCIES’ Legal Committee is formed by professionals of renowned prestige in the field of law and/or from our associated firms and they contribute with their experience and knowledge to provide doctrine on the new formulae of public-private partnership.

Via work groups, which are developed through periodic in-person sessions, the Legal Committee analyses current legal issues and offers specific proposals regarding public hiring and concessions such as, for example, the recent enactment of the European Directive on Concessions, and their necessary transposition within the legal framework and Spanish law, opening an opportunity to build a new model for relations between companies providing public services, in the different procurement regimes, and regional and sector administrations.


The Economic Committee at CCIES seeks to channel the opinions, interests and concerns of the companies we represent by promoting debate and dialogue from different industry standpoints.

It aims to establish collective positions in addition to its own studies, based on consensus, and bring them to the attention of the corresponding official bodies based on the legislative changes that occur and which consequently lead to changes in management of the concessional model and public-private partnership.


The Training Committee aims to articulate competences for suitable management in providing public services to the high standards demanded in efficacy and efficiency through courses, workshops and talks.

The training given by the CCIES is designed to be a key instrument in developing and training those responsible in the public sector, in addition to professionals in the private sector in matters of public-private partnership (PPP).

Due to the need for greater efficiency and an appeal for private capital, the diverse forms of public-private partnership between the Administration and private businesses have been constructed as the main instrument driving social and economic development.


This work group is responsible for technically analysing the current situation of the possible initiatives the Spanish government is undertaking to restructure different industries.

Today, the Technical Advice Committee is working to defend the interests of the mobility sector, offering new criteria in relation to improvement actions in the transport services, in accordance with the transformations anticipated by the National State Administration in the sector of passenger, rail and road transport.

The goal is to formulate and make suggestions to the Administration with the support and complicity of companies in the industry. They are the actual and new agents who must be responsible for offering the services that citizens demand in this regulatory framework.


Cámara de Concesionarios de Infraestructuras, Equipamientos y Servicios Públicos
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